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Long weekend

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LONG WEEKEND - Oasis for relaxation on the bank of the river Una

UNA: Old Romans saw it and said: Una!

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An attractive hotel that offers its guests the luxury and superb service along the coast of the beautiful Una River, just off the border with the Republic of Croatia. The bright, cosy and spacious rooms with the view over the river and the town, and all that makes your vacation days precious, are the reason why many guests are constantly returning to this hotel.

21 lux rooms and apartments | Italian restaurant Lido | Conference hall {50 seats} | Gym | Wellness centre

The magnificent Hotel Zepter, of modern design, located in the centre of Kozarska Dubica, on the very bank of the Una River, makes the city visually richer and more beautiful with its appearance, and with its content and service, it is a top service complex, rated with four stars.

This representative facility is just one of Mr. Philip Zepter's gifts to his hometown, where he spent his childhood, with the desire to invest in the development of the Kozarska Dubica municipality.

The architecture and interior design of the Hotel is unique. The synthesis of diversity is visible in other segments as well, the combination of the natural environment and prestigious design, minimalism and warmth, seriousness and playfulness.

The greater part of the facade is made of white eternite, and the surreal whiteness is interrupted by the yellow, red and grey segments inspired by the Mondrian influence, which have also become the trademark of the Hotel, and extend through the entire interior part through details in colours and shapes.




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1-2 pax (standard room - king size bed)

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1-2 pax (standard room - 2 separated beds)

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1-2 pax (king size bed)

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1-4 pax


Club Restaurant Zepter

At the hotel restaurant with up to 100 seats, the A la Carte menu offers a wide selection of dishes from local and international cuisine, as well as a rich wine cellar with top-quality wine labels. In addition to a range of dried meat products and cheeses, a variety of meal salads, cooked meals, various fish types, grilled dishes and delicacies are also offered. The Restaurant Zepter is a place of relaxation, intimacy and a superb gastronomic experience with a beautiful panoramic view of the Una River and an outdoor garden with a capacity of 100 seats.

Restaurant Zepter terrace

The beautiful terrace area of the Restaurant Club Zepter is created to suit the wishes and needs of each guest. Food served in the luxury Zepter porcelain from Masterpiece Collection by Zepter meets the most delicate tastes. Unconventional, elegant and stylish design artwork from the Zepter Tableart line: vases, candlesticks and other decorations make this space a place of overall elegance.

Italian restaurant Lido

Restaurant Lido is synonymous with the quality of Italian cuisine. The combination of centuries-old experience and professional experience of the young team of gastronomes of the Zepter Hotel results in refined and recognizable tastes. Guests can enjoy delicately prepared Italian pastas, pizzas and risotto, as well as dishes from the A la Carte menu. The capacity of the restaurant is up to 50 seats.

Terrace of the Restaurant Lido

The jewel of Hotel Zepter is the terrace of the Restaurant Lido. Touch of nature's splendour and professional services will make the guests dive into small and big adventures of the spirit, ending exactly where they are. The Restaurant Lido terrace becomes the best source of inspiring power and energy.

Cafe Patisseria

Separate café and lounge bar are extensions of large cascading terraces, which reach the very river along the arranged coastline. The capacity of the lounge bar is 35 places with a special accent on the most modern terrace furniture, which, along with decorative pillows and curtains, provides a sense of intimacy. The café receives 40 guests, and specially designed chairs and séparés, waves on the walls that follow the flow of the river, are part of its unique features.




Congress hall

Business gatherings in the form of team building, workshop, seminars, congresses and conferences in the conference hall of the Hotel Zepter for business meetings and needs, take place in a perfectly equipped work space, with all necessary audio and video equipment, with a capacity of up to 50 seats, as well as in the space of up to 250 seats (with an extension to the space of multifunctional purposes).

Multifunctional hall

The multifunctional hall, with a capacity of 200 seats, is the right solution for anyone who dreams of: a dream wedding, a perfect birthday party, baptism or business meetings in an unusual setting. The expert team, individual approach and technical support in the organization, will make each of these events special. A modern, elegant and stylish atmosphere, with experienced staff guarantees are perfect services.


In the large area, equipped with devices many of the world's major hotels would like to have, the Zepter Hotel's fitness studio is available to guests who want to bring their body into a top shape. Exercise in the hotel fitness can be completed with relaxation and stretching exercises and outdoors (on green surfaces along the hotel beach), with the presence of a personal trainer. The babble of the Una River, fresh air, greenery ... ... the environment is designed to create a pleasant atmosphere for active and healthy life.



The place where the hotel is located gives it a degree higher on exclusivity. It is located on the bank of the river Una. It resembles a floating object or a ship immersed in an emerald green colour of always turbulent, colourful Una. We can repeat for the hotel the same delighted cry of the old Romans when they saw the river: One-unique! With several open terraces and balconies, the hotel is brought closer to the river, allowing guests to enjoy the green environment of unspoiled nature.

In addition to enjoying the comfort and beauty of the Zepter Hotel itself, visitors have the opportunity to visit attractive destinations and get acquainted with the cultural treasures of the immediate surroundings:

Mrakovica, the peak of Kozara Mountain, one of the gems of the tourist offer of the Republika Srpska, which is interesting both because of the untouched nature, the ski centre and the monumental monument dedicated to the victims of the Second World War, by the famous academic artist Dušan Džamonja.

The Moštanica Monastery, dedicated to Archangel Michael, located in the valley of the River Moštanica, which is one of the largest Serbian monasteries in the Republika Srpska. Since it was located at the border area of two large empires, Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian, the history of the monastery is very turbulent. Since the XVI century when it was built, it was demolished and reconstructed nine times in total.

Comfortable and simple accommodation, in the style of the real city hotel from the golden 30's of the last century, is a great base for getting to know the rich nightlife.



Zepter hotel Kozarska Dubica,

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Kozarska Dubica, Bosnia & Herzegovina

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