Welcome to the Zepter world

Dear friends, you have just entered into “Zepter World” but you became our guests when you decided to spend your precious time in one of Zepter hotels or restaurants. In return, we offer you sincere hospitality and true dedication from the moment you entered our facility and during your stay. Some would say that this is not easily manageable and that we are brand new in hotel management, but this is exactly the reason why you should give us a chance and experience something totally different and new. For those who are not familiar with Zepter hotels, in this web presentation, you will find a lot of information regarding our hotels with offers in each category, Zepter hotels will satisfy all tastes and demands, Zepter hotels include city apart hotels, luxurious villas and spas resorts. Nowadays a chain of 6 hotels, and they all are part of Zepter International Company. They do represent a new hotel standard that is in accordance with the company vision and philosophy of healthy, perfect way of living with the aim of preserving the health of contemporary and future generations and solving ecological problems. Ideal creator of Zepter philosophy, Mr Philip Zepter is a visionary and he has guided successfully and safely the company for already two decades, never accepting the limits but creating new and more demanding goals. This is the key to continued prosperity and success of Zepter International.